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DJI Mavic/Phantom 4/P, 3 P/A/4K/S/SE, 2V+/Inspire Gimbal/Camera Repair Service

by ATK Drones
Price $59.00


Full gimbal diagnostic $59, applied toward any required repairs

Please call us at 801-448-7810 for an instant estimate over the phone


We repair all DJI Phantom gimbals, we can quickly get you back in the air with a full diagnostic and repair of your gimbal. 

  • Phantom 4/P
  • Mavic Pro/P/Air
  • Inspire 1/2
  • Phantom 3 Professional
  • Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Phantom 3 4K
  • Phantom 3 Standard/SE
  • Phantom 2 Vision+

Most P3 gimbal repairs include a simple ribbon cable installation and repair of a broken roll servo motor joint.

We do our best to economically recover your gimbal, most of our repairs are completed for less than a quarter of the cost of a new DJI gimbal/camera.

The total UAV/gimbal repair cost is based on the results of our diagnostic. Our most common gimbal repair includes a full diagnostic, disassemble/reassemble, replacement of ribbon(s), repair of servo motors, or PCB servo board replacement(s) and final testing. 

We warranty all our work, both labor and parts, guaranteeing that you receive your repaired gimbal/camera working 100%. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Gimbal Diagnostic Check List:

Gimbal Part

Check List

Gimbal Main Board Check LED indicator, proper gimbal operation
Roll Servo Motor/ Servo joint Gimbal tracking in the roll direction without limited movement, excessive heat, motor axis joint severed
Pitch Servo Motor Gimbal tracking in the pitch direction without limited movement, excessive heat, motor axis joint severed
Roll Servo Motor Control PCB Movement in roll direction after initialization/calibration startup
Pitch Servo Motor Control PCB Movement in roll direction after initialization/calibration startup
Yaw Arm Bent or broken
Roll Ring Arm / Magnet Housing Bent or broken, magnet housing broken or missing
Pitch PCB Housing Bent or broken exposing the pitch control PCB
Gimbal Base Plate Bent or broken causing misalignment on the yaw motor restricting heading movement
Flat Ribbon Cable Ripped, pierced or nicked
Ribbon Guard Broken or missing
Camera Module Video link issues, lens cracked/scratched, dent housing


Please download our  Service Agreement Form, fill it out, sign/date and send it with your shipment. Our shipping address is on this service agreement form.

Note: We will only ship to addresses on file. As filled out in the checkout process or on file with Paypal. 

International Customers: We will make arrangements for the return shipment of your gimbal when we contact you and give status on the diagnostic, we ship either DHL, UPS Worldwide Express or USPS Priority Express Mail. International shipping expenses are expected to be between $90 - $50 USD, depending on the shipping method chosen.  Duties, brokerage fees and local taxes are the responsibility of the receiving customer.


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