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We have taken the time to document many of our most common questions below.  If you don't see your question answered then please shoot us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

(Q) What are your business hours?

(A) 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MDT.

(Q) What methods of payment do you accept?

(A) We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, PayPal, cashier's checks.

(Q) How fast do parts ship?

(A) Stocked items ship in 1-2 days, non-stocked items 10-14 days.

(Q) What is your return policy?

(A) We accept returns within 30 days of purchase, all returns must be returned in new unopened condition, complete with all original packaging materials. All returns must be accompanied with our RMA Product Return Form. This form can be downloaded here. No refunds will be issued for used parts. ATKdrones reserves the right to accept or deny all returned items. For items not accepted for return, the buyer will be notified, and the item will be returned after the buyer supplies a pre-paid shipping label.

(Q) Can I expedite my order?

(A) Please contact us for quicker shipping methods. We offer one-day shipping on all our products and repairs.

(Q) Do you guarantee your products?

(A) Yes, we guarantee upon arrival that our products are free from defects. Defective items may be returned and replaced free of charge.

(Q) How do I contact you?

(A) Email at or call us at: 801-448-7810 during our business hours.

(Q) What are my shipping options?

(A) We ship USPS for free, UPS ground, or next day air, please contact us for additional shipping methods.

(Q) Can I cancel my order?

(A) Yes, subject to a restocking fee, before your item ships.

(Q) How is your P2V+ flex ribbon cable better than the original flex ribbon cable?

(A) Our cable has been designed to be 100% compatible with the original, we also designed heavier power traces for better servo motor performance, and our cable is more tear resistant.

(Q) For a flex ribbon cable installation, do you recommend an electronic technician preform the work?

(A) Yes, or a person good with their hands.

(Q) Can you fix a horizontal tilt (roll) problem with a P2V+ gimbal?

(A) Yes, in most cases we can, only severely damaged gimbals are irreparable. Gimbals with a bent yaw arm can be repaired using our own designed and manufactured yaw arm milled from a solid piece of high-grade aluminum.

(Q) Can you fix a P2V+ gimbal with a damaged servo board?

(A) Yes, in most cases we can.  There is an additional repair charge for this service, and we check all servo boards during our normal gimbal repair.

(Q) How do you repair the severed roll servo joint?

(A) We reset the roll servo to the correct position, then we apply a high grade epoxy to the joint, after curing we apply a second epoxy seal to the same joint. This creates an extremely strong seal. This is part of our normal gimbal repair at no additional cost.

(Q) What is the turn-time on gimbal repairs?

(A) Depending on the severity of the repair, most are 1-2 days, severed servos or cameras can take an extra day.

(Q) Can you fix a water damaged drone?

(A) Depending on the type of water damage, ie, salt water, fresh water, and duration of water exposure, we have been successful repairing drones with fresh water types of damage.

(Q) What is the most common types of repair for drones?

(A) Most repairs are simple ESC or motor replacements.  Cracked or broken shells run a close second.

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